TRALLO advantages

Compared to other conventional mole-traps, the TRALLO mole- trap offers many advantages:

mole trap


    -It has been specifically designed for catching moles without causing them any pain.

    -As we know, moles change their direction when they find an obstacle in their way, in order to overcome that obstacle by going around it. That is why this mole-trap is designed in such a way that the mole will never get to touch any of its parts. It has got a very sensitive trigger that is activated by the mere movement of the ground when this ground is pushed by the mole.

    -You wont´t have to dig a hole in the ground for the trap.

    -You will see immediately when the trap is triggered, since it will not be totally buried.

    -Thanks to the design of  the TRALLO , the mole will be caught regardless of the direction it is moving through its tunnel.

    -It is made to last for a lifetime.

    -You will not have to touch the mole to remove it from the trap.