TRALLO how it works


1- To set the trap, grab it by its handle and grip it FIRMLY (fig.1). Now, with the trap totally open, move the hole at the round end of the blade until it gets hooked on the small slot at the narrow end of the trigger (fig.2).

2- At this point, loosen the grip on the handle slowly and carefully until you make sure the trap is set.

3- Never put your hand between the pincers (fig.3). The trap might be accidentally activated and might cause you an injury.

4- The trap should not be used by children. When not being used, the trap should be kept away from them.

5- To protect children against accidents, you cover the trap (when in use) with a plastic bucket placed upside-down.



1-  Moles usually choose high places, such as walls, trees or manure piles, to emerge from the ground.

2-  Before you choose a spot to place the trap you must know what zone the moles are in at that moment. Tread slightly on all the holes you can find. The next day you will see where the moles have been working (the piles around the holes you trod on are up again), so you can choose one of those holes to place the TRALLO

3-  Once you have chosen the place, you must drive the four spines of the trap into the ground (two spines on each side of the hole), 7 cm deep approximately, and in such a way that the tunnel is now perpendicular to the blade.

4-  The blade must be touching the ground.

5-  Now you must trigger the trap once or more times, and remove it each time without opening it. By doing so, you will make sure that it is working properly and you will remove any obstacles such as stones or hard pieces of earth that would prevent the trap form closing completely.

6-  Now that you have checked the trap, you can drive it back into the ground (on the same spot).

7-  The mole will be pushing up the earth when it comes back through the tunnel you have trod on. When the mole gets to the spot where the TRALLO is, the trigger will be pushed too by that earth. And when the the trigger moves, the trap will be activated, catching the mole with one of its pincers.

8-  Once the mole has been removed, you should be able to get rid of the whole colony putting the trap back again in the same place. This is especially effective if the mole has just been caught.