Pathophilia for the love of disease. generic viagra online generic viagra online Seasonal flu vaccine and protection against pandemic flu by bmartin on november 13, 2009 9:00 am | permalink question: what kind of protection does the seasonal influenza vaccine provide against pandemic influenza? viagra women videos viagra women videos Brief answer: none. canadian online pharmacy for viagra Longer answer: recent surveillance data from 356 adults in 8 states indicate that the likelihood of contracting pandemic flu is unaffected by receiving a seasonal flu vaccine. drug interactions of viagra Results of the data analysis are available in the latest issue of mmwr. do all insurance companies cover viagra After adjusting for age and chronic medical conditions,* the cdc found that the overall effectiveness of the seasonal flu vaccines against contracting pandemic flu was -10%, with a wide 95% confidence interval (ci) straddling zero (-43%, +15%). viagra tablets for sale Data were obtained during the period from may to june of this year. viagra for sale These epidemiologic data complement known serologic (laboratory) data, which suggest that the trivalent seasonal flu vaccines are unlikely to provide meaningful cross-protection against pandemic flu. buy viagra online  likewise a recent australian study showed that, in children or adults who received seasonal flu vaccines, cross-reactive antibodies against pandemic flu were not produced. viagra online canada mastercard The overall age-adjusted effectiveness of the seasonal flu vaccines against pandemic flu in this study was 3% (ci: -56%, +40%). generic viagra online next day delivery An unpublished study of high schoolers in new york city also suggests no protective benefit of seasonal flu vaccines against pandemic flu. However, these data are at odds with those from a recently published mexican study, which reported a seasonal flu vaccine effectiveness rate of 73% against pandemic flu. viagra online But control patients in this study were more likely to have chronic medical conditions — making seasonal flu vaccine coverage more likely in this group. Unpublished data from canada suggest that "medically attended" pandemic flu may actually be more likely in recipients of the seasonal flu vaccine. Viagra kaufen rezept The mmwr editors advise that studies with more rigorous designs and methods are currently under way to evaluate any immunity conferred by seasonal flu vaccines against pandemic flu. Where to buy cheapest generic viagra * which increase the risk of influenza-related complications (eg, heart disease, asthma, diabetes, cancer). Viagra canada Categories: epidemiology , infectious diseases tags: h1n1 , infectious disease , influ. good price for viagra buy cheap viagra galego



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