Are asleep. Experts believe that this dialogue is a major contributor to our formation of memories or memory consultation. viagra without prescription However, interpreting this dialogue between the two brain areas was never done. what do viagra pills do The brain is still very active while we sleep? Why? Mehta explained: "when you go to sleep, you can make the room dark and quiet and although there is no sensory input, the brain is still very active. We wanted to know why this was happening and what different parts of the brain were saying to each other. " for this study, the researchers had managed to develop a highly sensitive monitoring system which helped them follow neuronal activity in each of the three brain areas at the same time, including the activity of a singly neuron. buy viagra jelly uk Their monitoring was so sensitive that they could decipher the precise communications, even when the neurons appeared to be relatively quiet. With the help of a sophisticated mathematical analysis, they were able to decipher the complex conversations. what do viagra pills do Spontaneously persistent activity the neocortex spends 90% of our sleeping time in a slow wave pattern. Activity fluctuates slowly between active and dormant states, approximately once every second. The researchers focused on the brain area that has many parts; the entorhinal cortex. Neocortical activity was mirrored in the outer part of the entorhinal cortex, but the inner part of the entorhinal cortex behaved differently. can you take viagra after expiration date The neurons remained in their active state in the inner entorhinal cortex, even when the outer part went quiet - "as if the neurons were remembering something the neocortex had recently said". what do viagra pills do The scientists called this phenomenon "spontaneously persistent activity". Furthermore, this spontaneous persistent activity made the neurons in the hippocampus become very active too. viagra pills The hippocampus became quieter when the neocortex was active, however. The data the scientists collected provided them with a clear interpretation of how the "dialogue" between the different brain parts occurred. Mehta said: "during sleep the three parts of the brain are talking to each other in a very complex way. The entorhinal neurons showed persistent activity, behaving as if they were remembering something even under anesthesia when the mice could not feel or smell or hear anything. Remarkably, this persistent activity sometimes lasted for more than a minute, a huge timescale in brain activity, which generally changes on a scale of one thousandth of a second. generic viagra overnight " the entorhinal cortex - the third key player in this complex dialogue theories have supposed that the hippocampus talks to and drives the neocortex - this study challenges this. cheap viagra online Instead, it indicates that there is a third key player in this complex dial. order viagra online buy viagra online