Found by accident. And yes it has spread. Now we're fighting target pills (since chemo doesn't work) and all the side effects. buy viagra in the usa Thank god there are newer drugs to take.. He s on votrient, so far so good 2 community answers what is the fuhrman system for renal cell cancer? The "fuhrman" system is a way of grading renal cell cancer. When a patient is diagnosed with kidney cancer, a surgeon will remove a small sample of the tumor (called a biopsy) and the pathologist will study that sample. generic viagra without prescription The pathologist then uses the fuhrman system to determine how aggressive the tumor is... 1 community answer can a pet scan detect renal cancer? A pet scan can detect renal cancer, but other tests should be done in conjunction. viagra 100mg cheap Pet scans, also called positron emission tomography, work by looking at the activities of cells. buy cheap viagra It can then gauge how, and if, a cancer has spread. It is not always effective in detecting renal, or kidney, cancer, which is why other tests should also be performed... viagra online 1 community answer how do you know if you are dying from renal cancer? Some forms of renal cancer are very difficult to treat. The cancer can spread to other organs and the tumor can cause the organs to stop working. If renal cancer spreads to the brain then the patient may lapse into a comma or die very quickly. Even if the tumor does not spread, the presence of renal cancer on the kidney can cause the kidney to shut down... 1 community answer what is the life expectancy of someone with renal cancer? cheap viagra overnight Renal cancer expectancy is dependent on many different things such as the stage in when it is found and the treatment that the person is willing to have. where to order viagra online There are four stages of renal cancer stage i where tumor measures up to 7 centimeters. It is no bigger than a tennis ball. The cancer cells are found only in the kidney... 1 community answer does renal cancer cause flank pain? Yes, renal cancer causes flank pain. cheap viagra in canada However, in the early stages of renal cancer, there are generally no symptoms at all. Some of the other symptoms of renal cancer include: unexplained rapid weight loss, swelling of the legs and ankles, high blood pressure, fever, blood in the urine, and a mass or lum. espaņol