Skip to content in english | en espaã±ol national cancer institute at the national institutes of health search nci home cancer topics clinical trials cancer statistics research & funding news about nci what you need to know aboutâ„¢ cancer of the uterus posted: 10/25/2010 what you need to know about™ cancer of the uterus about this booklet the uterus cancer cells risk factors symptoms diagnosis staging treatment second opinion nutrition follow-up care sources of support taking part in cancer research page options print this page print this document view entire document email this document view/print pdf order free copy bookmark & share popular resources nci dictionary of cancer terms nci drug dictionary search for clinical trials nci publications español nci highlights report to nation finds continuing declines in cancer death rates education and training for health professionals cancer trends progress report: 2011/2012 update the uterus the uterus is part of a woman’s reproductive system. cheap viagra It’s a hollow organ in the pelvis. The uterus has three parts: top: the top ( fundus ) of your uterus is shaped like a dome. buy viagra without prescription From the top of your uterus, the fallopian tubes extend to the ovaries. Middle: the middle part of your uterus is the body ( corpus ). This is where a baby grows. viagra coupon Bottom: the narrow, lower part of your uterus is the cervix. whats best viagra viagra viagra The cervix is a passageway to the vagina. The wall of the uterus has two layers of tissue : inner layer: the inner layer (lining) of the uterus is the endometrium. In women of childbearing age, the lining grows and thickens each month to prepare for pregnancy. order viagra online If a woman does not become pregnant, the thick, bloody lining flows out of the body. This flow is a menstrual period. whats best viagra viagra viagra Outer layer: the outer layer of muscle tissue is the myometrium. buy viagra canada This picture shows the uterus and nearby tissues. liquid viagra ar-r < previous section  |  next section > this text may be reproduced or reused freely. online pharmacy canada generic viagra Please credit the national cancer institute as the source. Any graphics may be owned by the artist or publisher who created them, and permission may be needed for their reuse. We can answer your questions 1-800-4-cancer livehelp online chat nci home contact us policies accessibility viewing files foia site help site map other versions of this site: mobile | espaã±ol follow us: twitter youtube facebook rss nih…turning discovery into healthâ®. Opportunity to participate in clinical trials not available elsewhere. Support from major federal grants and private philanthropy have fueled this progress. viagra vendita online italia Among the numerous grants we have received for research into uterine cancer is a $10 million five-year specialized program of research excellence (spore) grant from the national cancer institute. Uterine spore at mdâ anderson mdâ anderson cancer center was the first institution to successfully compete for a $10 million, five-year specialized program. can you buy viagra in mexico